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                                 Our Mission

"We're committed to providing the very best in financial planning for teachers and their families."

Our Approach

Fiduciary Guidance

Planning your finances is a life-long process and we're with you every step of the way. Using our expertise in teacher finances and commitment to always putting you first, we'll help you use your finances to live an exceptional life.

Intelligent Investing

We build portfolios based on the science of disciplined investing. Focusing on mitigating risk, optimizing returns, and keeping costs low provides our clients with the growth they need while avoiding the risks they don't.

Unlimited Access

Whether it's through phone, email, web conference, or in-person, your trusted advisor is always available for you. Because when it comes to getting answers to important financial matters, you should never feel like you're in the dark.

Our Values

1. Relationship-Driven
2. Specialized
 3. Comprehensive
 4. Fiduciary & Fee-Only